Busy times, finding work/life balance, and loving life!

I haven’t been posting on the blog as much as I’d like lately, but that tends to be the case in the summertime for us photographers.  This is by far the busiest time of year – right in the middle of wedding season (which has been under way for me for a few months already), along with lots of family photos, maternity sessions, and even some commercial work.  Its my favourite time of year because its just so pretty out with all the flowers and trees in full bloom and the days are much longer (think: warm evening light for portraits….ahhhh).

I’m also really working on finding a comfortable balance between work & play.  You see, I’m a hard worker. I always have been. Maybe that’s because I’ve been working since I was 12 (thanks mom & dad for being in business!). So I consistently feel guilty if I’m doing anything other than sitting in front of my computer editing photos.  I’m also a perfectionist, so I really take my time – I want my clients to *looove* their photos, and I put so much of myself into my work.  This is great because it means I’m really proud of the work I do.  But its not so great for my health. Which is where my new approach to work/life balance comes in…

Because I feel like I should always be working, I decided that I need to make a concious effort to schedule my work specifically, and to schedule my play-time, and me-time as well.  Play-time means anything from relaxing on the couch to catch up on my shows, to time with friends & family.  Me-time is about my health: both physically & mentally.  For example, I used to love working out at the gym. But since my business has taken off, especially in the last year, exercise has fallen to the very bottom of the priority list.  I decided I needed to find something to do that was fun & challenging, would hold me accountable, and yield results.  I found what I need: Crossfit, and I’m so proud that I made it through my first class yesterday and had a blast! 

So that’s where I’m at these days: working hard, keeping busy, working on ME, and loving life!  Sometimes when I feel bogged down by the pressure its hard to see clearly just how lucky I am, but I try every day to say a little thank-you for the opportunities I’ve been given to work with such amazing clients, to continue to grow as a person & artist, and to feel truly and wholely loved by my family & friends, and my biggest fan {Neil} who never ever doubts me for a second.  Yes, I’m a lucky girl.

To end, because every post is better with a picture, here is one of the projects I’m working on these days: a shot that I just love from Marylou & Chris’s gorgeous Burnaby Village Museum wedding:  

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